Our Story

From "grassroots to grand scale," you can help mark Montgomery County’s milestone by joining events throughout the year that range from small neighborhood gatherings to festivals in packed entertainment venues! MC200 serves as the master of ceremonies for the 2016 celebration, and invites the region's citizens, businesses, civic organizations/nonprofits, and institutions to share their stories and commemoration plans!

The rest is up to you! Here is some information to help get the celebration going.

    • The celebration has one central planner - The Montgomery County Commission which will:
    • provide overall coordination and host some signature events
    • provide an overall community events calendar whereby you will register your events for public notice
    • provide information to citizens, institutions, and businesses that want to plan and promote activities
    • coordinate public relation and advertising efforts for the year-long celebration
    • look to you to be creative with great ideas and ways to get involved
    • The celebration offers 12 months of opportunity to reflect our rich history and focus on the future. Events are listed on the MC200 calendar. Festivities kick off in January 2016, and continue until 2016 draws to a close.
    • MC 200 invites its citizens and businesses in Montgomery County to participate in activities throughout the region. MC200 activities will range from region-wide extravaganzas to neighborhood celebrations. We hope anyone interested will register their event and take ownership of the celebration as a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to commemorate the birthday in communities and beyond.
    • Montgomery County is diverse and ever-changing, and a fitting commemoration of its 200th birthday will require the investment and ownership of citizens, businesses and institutions from throughout the region. MC200 welcomes – and needs – your participation as a supporter, a Celebration Partner or Ambassador.
    • Ambassadors help us tell the MC200 story and engage your networks in being a part of the celebration year.
    • Celebration Partners are organizations, businesses, and groups that create MC200 activities encompassing all that makes Montgomery County, well, Montgomery County! Cultural, arts, education and civic organizations are rooted in powerful local history, and can define ways to celebrate religious, ethnic and social diversity.
    • We invite an endless number of "grassroots to grand scale" ideas from individuals, communities, businesses and organizations. We know Montgomery County creativity will blossom throughout the celebration, but here are suggestions to get you started:
    • Celebrate. Rediscover traditions or generate new customs through neighborhood gatherings, historic event recognition and more. Plan a potluck with neighbors, family reunions with a birthday celebration theme, organize a local heritage parade, plan special entertainment events, or organize school history events.
    • Communicate. Add your voice to a contagious and constructive celebration dialogue. Share your favorite story about life in Montgomery County and visit the MC200 Facebook page to add your voice to the celebration conversation!
    • Convene. Reflect on our rich history, applaud diversity, share community pride, or simply have fun. Participate in a local scavenger hunt that takes you to Montgomery County restaurants or statues or other landmarks, learn little known facts about your County through trivia contests, join a book club, or attend lectures and programs at museums, schools and centers.
    • Connect. Join with others to give back and make the community better. Reach out to those that are in need, adopt a service project to make Montgomery County a better place, volunteer to help clean up a river or rehab homes and neighborhoods.